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About Us


A State of Grace is a prototype community of the future. We believe that there are many people who are looking at the way we are living, currently, and can see that it just isn't sustainable. If you are like us, you would be willing to explore new ways of living your life in harmony with nature and more provident in practice, if you just knew how to do it in a reasonable manner. This is a preliminary website--a dreamsite, if you will, to stimulate the visionaries, the idealists and the practical folks, who want to follow their hearts into a future that is fundamentally more friendly to intrinsic human potential and happiness than the fragmented existence in which most of us find ourselves. It is our desire to become a thought leader with a comprehensive outreach, to make a very real improvement for people and the environment which supports us.This project proposes the creation of a real, living community, with the following three areas of emphasis, expressed as concentric circles:


A. Regenerative Arts and Ecology Institute: The center focus is an Institute of Higher Learning and Research in the basics of life and deeper levels of meaning and fulfillment, as we endeavor to find a balanced and healthy way of living within the ecosystems of our home planet, our higher nature, and benefit to mankind, in addressing the eminent needs of our present and future. Areas of focus are:


  • Permaculture, in all of its aspects, applied to soil and water resource management, food and architecture, and philosophy--Research and Education facility. A major regional Permaculture demonstration site. 

  • Holistic Health and Integrative and Functional Medical research and practice, in physical, social, emotional and spiritual considerations, with individual patient focus and apart from the usual business models.

  • Renewable Energy.

  • Humanities, Artistic endeavors, and fine Craftsmanship, and the use of natural sustainable materials.


It is our goal to be a resource to the broader world as we transition from our dependence on fossil fuels, industrialized farming and transportation to more locally-centered economies. Our intention is to build prototypes which may be economically viable and broadly applicable.


B. Guest Services encompasses a second ring, adding effectiveness to the vision and mission of the Institute as people are drawn to study in residence, or just enjoy the holistic environment of the Center for hosting conferences, workshops, and retreats, whose purpose is the enrichment of human and global potential. It includes large and small meeting rooms, work and craft shops, studios, outdoor gathering spaces; and lodging in unique examples of natural buildings from around the world in small and intimate villages. World class, fine dining is offered using the natural and organic bounties gathered from our resources, both locally sourced, and as a result of networking with compatible producers. A general store will also be a means of sharing the gifts and talents of our artisans and craftsmen as well as providing a variety of healthful items for both the community and our guests.


C. The third circle is our Prototype Community, a vital living space for those who work and provide for the needs of the inner circles, and people who have interests in and skills for enhancing the health, well-being and joyful living of a more natural and balanced lifestyle. While people of many disciplines are welcomed and integrated, the community honors its essential agrarian nature. Gardens, forests, waterways, fields and greenhouses provide an interactive and abundant environment. We utilize the best of eco-village and co-housing concepts for happy and productive groupings, sensitive to the needs of families and individuals. A variety of business, farming, animal husbandry, aqua-culture, educational, experimental and research opportunities will be encouraged. We are exploring concepts of hybrid economic systems, with both capitalistic and collective aspects to invigorate human interaction and potential.


To view similar examples of site plans, architecture, and values, please view powerpoint to the right. (click icon)

"I have observed that once rational people are provided a bridge to more convenient (sustainable) services that make more sense than what they are currently doing, they overcome their own objections and readily adopt the more rational alternatives (unless they have a vested interest in the status quo or some other hidden agenda). To my mind, that should be the primary objective of this type of project - to be a living, breathing showcase of what a sustainable lifestyle is so that people can see, feel, taste, hear and smell how wonderful life could actually be when ALL systems harmoniously dovetail, and then having the capacity to actually deliver that lifestyle to those who want to adopt it. Providing that alone would be the most effective and efficient paradigm shifter I can think of."


--Harrison Quigley

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