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This labor of love is possible because of the efforts and contributions of many people. As we continue to refine our processes and systems, the contributors will be ackowledged with pictures and background information. At our formative stage we find it prudent to reserve personal information. Suffice it to say, our contributors come from a wide range of disciplines and talents. Examples include:

  • Civil engineering & city planning, real estate and mortgage lending

  • Science: physics, mathmatics, medicine, functional & integrative health, physiology, nutrition and biochemistry 

  • Architecture, permaculture, aquaculture, building, and farming 

  • Fine Dining, hospitality, music, art, craftsmanship, cultural enrichment

  • Finance, law, social & environmental entrepreneurship


If you see yourself as a contributor or participant in any way, we want to hear from you.



We are hoping to attract a variety of funding options for various aspects of our project, including crowdfunding, angel investment, capital investment of many types, and charitable contribution. It is important to us, that our investors care about the future of our mission and potential to make a positive difference in the world.


We are hopeful that our funders will not only invest their money, but their intentions, hearts, and hopes for the future. Rather than the typical emphasis on exit strategies, we hope to provide a continuous stream of growth potential and possibility. With prototype development and distribution, we anticipate profitability, but we also hope that our funders will avail themselves of the unique opportunities for health and well-being that this endeavor entails.




My name is Colleen Dick and it is my honor to provide the concept design and focus on team building which this website intends. My education includes a Masters degree in Human Nutrition and Biochemistry with extensive additional classwork in Nursing, Food Science and Microbiology. 


I have survived 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience, mostly in healthcare information technology verticals, and all that it entails, and I now focus that experience to bring together what is possible, as we assemble a great team of willing, dedicated and capable people who envision an inspired, vital, sustainable, balanced and abundant future.

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