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Hospitality Center

Fine Dining

Our fine dining takes advantage of the clean, organic, locally produced food of our gardens, fields, streams, woodlands and greenhouses. All food services are under the watchful care of a brilliant chef with international experience, who is dedicated to the delicious expression of nourishing foods and beverages, served with appropriate ambience.

Conference Facility and Naturally Quaint, Comfortable Lodging

Our conference facilities offer a variety of options for small and large gatherings. We have studios, workshops, classrooms, auditoriums and large meeting areas which can be configured in numerous ways. Weather permitting, we have outdoor hosting facilities as well. Also, stop by the General Store.


In support of our institute, we offer student housing options. We also want to encourage like-minded groups to host their retreats and conferences with us. To facilitate a more intimate and cherished experience, we envision villages of quaint natural buildings from “around the world” for your group’s lodging delight.  We offer talented musical and artistic support for dancing, Yoga, Tai Chi, and other cultural and recreational activities.

Relaxing and Refreshing Gardens

Natural surroundings provide inspiration and relaxation. The examples of Permaculture plantings, water-features, and structures to be found here are a delight to the eye and practical in their application. Almost everything can be found to fulfill multiple purposes and will hopefully inspire creative impulses in our visitors.

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