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Regenerative Arts & Ecology Institute


Principles, Values and Attributes


We are people of integrity with a desire to improve the world in which we live. We desire to be a dynamic, living organism, which may serve as encouragement and empowerment to all within our influence. We learn, re-evaluate, and adjust, a process that serves our growth and development, as we are attentive to it. We will continue to search for better ways of serving all life and the natural environment around us.


We are seeing that the Twenty-first century world is increasingly becoming an information-based society in the same way that the industrial revolution world was petroleum-based; and in this transition, it has become obvious that while both paradigms have developed certain aspects of the human condition above levels of subsistence, and in some cases, great personal luxury, they have not always contributed to overall social well-being, connectedness, and feelings of personal progress, which we might have expected.


Furthermore, a continuing effect of these industrial/business models is the extensive destruction of natural habitats. As people have separated from something essential in our environment, and its natural rhythms, it has also brought alienation within and among us. It is our goal to return to a more nature-based life, to use the abundant forthcoming information to find a more intelligent mix of sustainable technologies to provide clean energy, clean air, clean water, and wholesome organic food. Our attention will go toward technologies which will maintain basic comforts, but allow for a return to greater connection with our environment, better health, and deeper, soul-felt satisfaction in life. We are hopeful that our discoveries and research will produce outcomes and reproducible prototypes, which are excellent, cutting-edge, sound, efficient, highly responsible—and profitable.


By creating a healthy, vibrant climate for innovation, sociality and lifestyle, we hope to make a substantial contribution to the improvement of our world.



Permaculture—our intention is to build a Permaculture research and education center [an affiliate of the international Permaculture Research Institute (PRI) network] as part of a major regional Permaculture demonstration site. We are dedicated to processes which will legitimize regenerative agricultural practices as an alternative to the energy and chemical intensive, current practices. Permaculture is a lifestyle emphasis. Our institute, hospitality areas, and community will, hopefully, be a showcase and bridge showing the way to more convenient transitions for more natural and harmonious ways of living. It is not our intention to compete with Permaculture centers and design training schools that are in current operation, but to become a support to them through basic science education, exhibits, laboratory testing, and other collaboration. As living beings, we need sustainable and local resources to promote healthy soil, and provide clean water, air, food, and more nature-friendly shelter. Permaculture leads the way. We want to make it work for more people.


Health and Medical Care—our emphasis will be in encouraging wellness--a vital capacity to thrive and excel. We are seeing a crisis in the way that medical care is being delivered and received. While great advances have been made in crisis and interventional medicine, the ongoing ineffectiveness of dealing with chronic illness continues. Safety issues concerning pharmaceutical agents and other common practices have become quite unacceptable, as iatrogenic aspects have become a leading cause of death in the industrialized world. The compounding of undesirable side effects and lack of focus upon causation of illness, have led many to question the current model. Doctors, themselves, have become disillusioned as their mission and purpose have become sidelined to the demands of business and government. We would, therefore, like to focus on solutions to these issues. We want to encourage the interaction and integration of medical science with other sources of intelligent, health enhancing modalities. Through our laboratory and research facilities we want to find and verify substantial natural therapies, which are largely being ignored due to economic disincentives. We want to encourage research into the areas of nutrition, lifestyle, and social interaction, and their relationships to health and wellbeing. We also want to go out on the edge a bit, and analyze effectiveness of new (and old) modalities, including energetic and subconscious factors that are being discovered through bio-feedback, acupuncture, and other such modalities.


Energy—we support and call for research in renewable and sustainable energy provision. We want to assemble some of the most innovative and brilliant minds of our time to break away from our current dependence upon fossil fuels. Current energy modalities are inefficient and damaging to the health and welfare of human and other living beings, as well as the climate and resources of air, water and food, which we all require. Wind and solar technologies are becoming more effective, and geothermal energy is only just beginning to be explored. We want to encourage such endeavors and perhaps come up with a few ideas and technologies of our own.


Humanities, Artistry, and Craftsmanship


Creativity is a major component of our humanity. The expression of artistic, literary, musical and other creative impulses is important to bringing purpose, meaning and happiness to life. If those impulses also bring secondary values, in practical terms, so much the better. We have forgotten the joys of creating our own clothing, decorative items, tools, and useful items of all kinds as inexpensive, mass-produced items have brought us “things” without satisfaction. Watching fine artisans and craftsmen at their work, brings wonder and admiration, and engaging oneself in the process, expands the sense of self and capability. All very fulfilling!


Exploring the thought processes and history of humanity, and seeing the consequences of actions and motivations, is an important study for understanding oneself and companions. Important to the success of any venture is the ability to engage in dialogue, solve problems together and resolve conflicts whereby there is maintenance of a compassionate consideration of the needs of the group without compromising vital individual freedom. The works of The Arbinger Institute, Vital Smarts, and Enneagram Personality Typing, as well as other tools may be studied and utilized in promoting personal growth, and community vigor.


Adoption of cultural treasures from around the world will be encouraged as they promote health and harmony. Such modalities as Yoga, Tai Chi, and others are enriching. Spiritual development, as it promotes an inclusive and tolerant sensitivity to individual needs, choices, and requirements, is encouraged.

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." --Albert Einstein
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