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Why is this Website called, "A State of Grace?"

Every once in a while someone asks me why I call this venture, "A State of Grace." Truthfully, it just came to me one day as I was contemplating the intended consequence desired in this kind of undertaking. "Grace, it's a loaded word," said a friend of mine. Yes, I guess it is, if you consider the variations of use throughout the history of cultures and religious traditions. So, in a way, it serves a purpose to stimulate dialogue. If people can dig deeply within themselves to describe what Grace means personally, it will give us something significant to talk about.

What do I mean? In the simplest terms, I'd say that it is to have a significant purpose which brings about a personal alignment with joy and fulfillment. The derivatives of the word: gracious, and graceful define outcomes. If people can find harmony with the natural world and one another, being involved in the means of production rather than the insecurity which comes of consuming, it opens new possibilities for creativity and happiness that have been lost to many in this time.

So, bring your definitions and let's discuss it.

Thank you, Colleen Dick

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