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Meet Daniel Halsey

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Daniel Halsey will be joining Harrison Quigley and Colleen Dick in Utah in December 2014 to begin the evaluation and design procress for developing the vision and mission expressed in "A State of Grace."

Daniel is a certified permaculture designer and teacher for multiple academic institutions and organizations. Daniel graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science degree in Temperate Climate Polyculture Design and has a Master’s degree in Professional Studies—Horticulture. His interest in agro-ecosystems and edible forest gardens began with an introduction to polyculture design in 2003. Polyculture plant systems are patterned after forest ecology where each plant contributes to the health of the ecological niche and soil community. Dan travels internationally, hired to design and consult for planning of intentional communities, agro-ecosystems, and broad-acre restoration. He is associated with the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia (PRI), and a founder of the PRI—Cold Climate group in Minnesota. He is also a founder of Natural Capital Plant Database. Dan is the president of Halsey Creative Services, Inc., an advertising photography studio specializing in food and marketing communications. During his twenty-five year career he has developed skills in graphic design and illustration, which he uses to illustrate the plant systems he designs for transforming farms and ornamental landscapes to edible forest gardens and sustainable systems. He also teaches for Brown College, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and the University of Minnesota. Dan is currently consulting and implementing Mandala and Bio-Intensive Community Gardens as well as broad acre permaculture designs. The majority of his master plans are for large-scale agrarian community systems supplying multiple yields, increased natural capital, and resource cycling. Dan and Ginny live on a twenty-five acre wetland savannah called SouthWoods, in Prior Lake, where they manage self-sustaining forest gardens of fruiting trees, shrubs and nut crops. SouthWoods incorporates permaculture principals in all aspects of living.

Daniel describes his experience encountering Permaculture, and what it has meant to him:

Some examples of his work follows:

Dan's New Book:

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Dan Ohio site plan.png

Beautifully illustrated site Plan.......

Creating self-sustainable eco-systems which not only provide food and other useful products, but also improves the health of the soil, and effectively manages water and other natural resources, is the goal of Permaculture.

And, just in case you were wondering.......

Dan is a very "hands on" gardener.

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