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Meet Harrison Quigley

Harrison Quigley will be coming to Utah in early December 2014, to assist with the launch of "A State of Grace" vision and structuring. We welcome his presence and participation at this critical time. We hope for a long and beneficial association.

Harrison is the Founder of Onchenda Open Global Food Co-op, a social enterprise. An educator, management trainer and consultant for over twenty-five years, Harrison worked with organizations on four continents in the software, legal, retail, automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications, market research, and health care industries. A Permaculture enthusiast since living in Australia in the 1980s, career opportunities brought Harrison to China and Taiwan in 2012, revitalizing his interest in restoration of natural capital, rural job creation, sustainable lifestyles and the funding thereof. While working as a connector between East Asian investors and U.S. companies, Harrison perfected a business model for assisting those vested in restoration of natural capital and ecosystem services, and profitably providing the wherewithal for transition to a balanced, sustainable lifestyle for those in need, and thus reverting the downward spiral of society and the planet. Onchenda Open Global Food Co-op was born.

And finally, the process nourishes life and revitalizes the soil and local economies.

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