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Becoming a Transition Town.

Encouraging towns and cities to transition to more effective and efficient communities is one of the goals of State of Grace Living. Finding core groups of individuals who are interested in regional resilience and production can make real improvements in our quality of life and at the same time improve the environment in which we dwell. Even backyard gardens can be grown in ways that improve soil and water utilization. Eating fresh food that was in the garden only moments before is a luxurious, delicious and nutritious experience.

“The actual practices are very similar with well-done sustainable agriculture projects. But the overall design for a permaculture farm integrates the patterns of nature into the overall farm layout, enhancing wildlife corridors, the hydrological cycle, soil stability, plant diversity, and human social and economic systems. Many naturally adept farmers and traditional indigenous farmers who have never heard the word ‘Permaculture’ will have a farm that looks and acts like a permaculture.” ~Bill Mollison.

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